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a district in India where the condition was first described in 1842.
Madura foot - infectious fungal disease localized predominantly in the foot, having discharge from the exposed area. Synonym(s): Ballingall disease; maduromycosis
maduromycosis - Synonym(s): Madura foot
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Maduro has banned virtually every opponent including his strongest political rivals, Leopoldo Lpez, Mara Corina Machado, Henrique Capriles and Antonio Ledezma from running against him.
To conspire against President Maduro, against the Bolivarian revolution, against the people of Venezuela," Maduro told a gathering of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Xinhua reported.
Caracas: A former oil minister excoriated Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in a newspaper column on Sunday, accusing the leftist leader of behaving like biblical King Herod and plunging the oil-rich nation into economic devastation.
Maduro has been criticized for gaining weight amid Venezuela's hunger crisis.
August 26 ( ANI ): US President Donald Trump imposed fresh sanctions on Venezuela on Friday to squeeze the oil-based economy that sustains Venezuelen President Nicolas Maduro.
He's doing Maduro a favor by reinforcing the nationalist position that the Gringos want to come and attack Venezuela.
In a lengthy address to the 545 members of a new, all-powerful constitutional assembly, Mr Maduro instructed Venezuela's foreign minister to approach the United States about arranging a telephone conversation or meeting with Mr Trump.
After last Sunday's election resulted in widespread condemnation by the international community, with more than 40 nations expressing concern of the manner and legitimacy of the vote, Maduro has now come up with an excuse that would bring a smile to the face of Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader: The Yankees hacked the results to illegitimise the result.
Venezuela will stop rationing electricity next week, ending months of blackouts and other measures meant to alleviate its energy crisis, President Nicolas Maduro said.
After Uruguay's former President Jose Mujica last week declared that Nicolas Maduro was "mad as a goat," the latter chose to wear the insult as a badge of honor, announcing at a rally: "Yes, I'm as mad as a goat, it's true.
AS the effort to oust President Nicol'e1s Maduro of Venezuela by referendum gains support, his government is ratcheting up repression.
CARACAS (CyHAN)- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday called for a national debate over an amnesty law approved by the Congress that gives amnesty to activists who the opposition considers as political prisoners.