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a district in India where the condition was first described in 1842.
Madura foot - infectious fungal disease localized predominantly in the foot, having discharge from the exposed area. Synonym(s): Ballingall disease; maduromycosis
maduromycosis - Synonym(s): Madura foot
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The last failed assassination of Maduro took place in early August 2018 during a military parade in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, as the presidential box was hit by an explosion caused by two bomb-laden drones, leaving Maduro unharmed, while seven security officers were injured in the incident, RIA Novosti reported.
Besides the United States, most Latin American countries have asked Maduro to resign, recognizing the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, as president of the country.
I can say today that I have evidence, proving that the attempted assassination was committed at the instruction of John Bolton from the White House...Everything is leading to John Bolton, who has a criminal way of thinking, a mindset of a murderer...I cannot accuse (US) President (Donald) Trump at the moment but I have all the reasons to ask for an investigation into (the activities) of John Bolton," Maduro told US journalist Max Blumenthal, as broadcast by the state television.
However, McCormick delayed the ruling for 10 days to give Maduro's lawyers time to challenge the process used to confirm the appointments.
The Venezuelan politician fighting to depose Nicolas Maduro has accused his rival of attempting to obliterate the opposition challenge to his rule with a campaign of "state terrorism".
Maduro struggled to fit into Chavez' big charismatic shoes by trying to appeal to a kind of spiritual presence of Chavez within his very own soul.
Maduro was first elected in April 2013 for a six-year term after the death of his socialist mentor and predecessor in office, Hugo Chavez.
CARACAS: Venezuela's government expelled the German ambassador Wednesday, while press advocacy groups said two journalists, one of them American, had been detained as socialist President Nicolas Maduro cracks down on a challenge to his rule.
by Xinhua Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reacts during an event which was interrupted.
Organized by British businessman Sir Richard Branson, Venezuela Aid Live is intended to call global attention to the humanitarian catastrophe inflicted by the leftist Maduro regime on its own people.