Madelung neck

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Ma·de·lung neck

multiple symmetric lipomatosis (Madelung disease) confined to the neck.
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Ma·de·lung neck

(mah'dĕ-lūng nek)
Multiple symmetric lipomatoses (Madelung disease) confined to the neck.
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1. The part of the body between the head and shoulders. See: illustration; muscle for illus.
2. The constricted portion of an organ, or that resembling a neck.
3. The region between the crown and the root of a tooth.

neck of the femur

The heavy column of bone that connects the head of the femur to the shaft.

Madelung neck

Madelung disease.

neck of the mandible

The constricted area below the articular condyle; the area of attachment for the articular capsule and the lateral pterygoid muscle.

surgical neck of the humerus

The segment of the shaft of the humerus just distal to the greater and lesser tubercles. It is a region prone to fractures.

neck of the tooth

The constricted area that connects the crown of a tooth to the root of a tooth.

neck of the uterus

Cervix uteri.

webbed neck

A broad neck as seen anteriorly or posteriorly. The breadth is due to a fold of skin that extends from the clavicle to the head. Webbed neck is present in Turner's syndrome.

wry neck

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Otto Wilhelm, German surgeon, 1846-1926.
Madelung deformity - a distal radial ulnar subluxation due to relative deficiency of axial growth of the medial side of the distal radius. Synonym(s): carpus curvus
Madelung disease - accumulation and progressive enlargement of adipose tissue in the subcutaneous tissue of the head, neck, upper trunk, and upper portions of the upper extremities. Synonym(s): multiple symmetric lipomatosis
Madelung lipoma - fatty tumor.
Madelung neck - multiple symmetric lipomatosis confined to the neck.
Madelung subluxation - incomplete dislocation or luxation.
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