Otto W., German surgeon, 1846-1926. See: Madelung deformity, Madelung disease, Madelung neck.
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The cross-examination of the next witness, Professor Wilferd Madelung of the University of Oxford, will be held from March 11 to 15, the court said.
(4) The patient had a congenital skeletal deformity called Madelung's disease, and she suffered from many years of severe pain requiring chronic opioids such as oxycodone, methadone, morphine, fentanyl, and hydrocodone, in combination and with other types of medications for anxiety, sleep problems, and depression.
As early as 1926 just one year after the formulation of Shroedinger's equation, Erwin Madelung demonstrated that it can be recast in hydrodynamic form.
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In 1926, at the advent of the quantum mechanics Madelung [1, 2] gave a hydrodynamical foundation of the Schrodinger equation and raised interpretation questions which are open till today.
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Madelung deformities were observed in the radiographs of the upper extremity.
However, in the multiple and non-encapsulated neoplasms, recurrence [14] is more common, as in Madelung's disease, whose etiology is not completely understood, and whose diffuse adipose tissue growth and progressive character represent a major therapeutic challenge [15].
"Posterior horn of the thyroid" was described by Otto Wilhelm Madelung in 1857 and "processus posterior glandulae thyreoideae" by Emil Zuckerkandl in 1902.
The adipose deposits sparing the distal extremities in this patient were consistent with so-called Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (MSL), also known as Madelung's disease.
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