Otto W., German surgeon, 1846-1926. See: Madelung deformity, Madelung disease, Madelung neck.
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Edited by Abdulrahman al-Salimi and Wilferd Madelung
Posterior horn of the thyroid" was described by Otto Wilhelm Madelung in 1857 and "processus posterior glandulae thyreoideae" by Emil Zuckerkandl in 1902.
Madelung, "Abu Ishaq al-Sabi on the Alids of Tabaristan and Gilan," Journal of Near Eastern Studies 26 (1967): 17-21.
Madelung disease: distribution of cervical fat and preoperative findings at sonography, MR, and CT.
Trajectories in local realist wave systems display entanglement as shown in [16], where a Madelung decomposition of the Helmholtz wave equation shows that it contains Bohmian mechanics' nonlocal quantum potential within it.
Although the diagonal rule of Madelung, about 1926, makes a slight concession to the loss of central symmetry in the presence of multiple electrons in the vicinity of a single atomic nucleus, hence eliminating the degeneracy attributed to quantum number l, the principle is still essentially based on an extrapolation from the hydrogen atom.
3] Two rare distinct familial types of lipomatosis have been identified, which are FML and multiple symmetric lipomatosis (MSL) also known as Madelung disease.
Failure of differentiation: Part II (arthrogryposis, camptodactyly, clinodactyly, madelung deformity, trigger finger, and trigger thumb).
As early as 1926 just one year after the formulation of Shroedinger's equation, Erwin Madelung demonstrated that it can be recast in hydrodynamic form.
La enfermedad de Madelung o lipomatosis simetrica benigna es una enfermedad rara (1) de etiologia desconocida caracterizada por multiples depositos de tejido adiposo de distribuidos de forma simetrica fundamentalmente en cabeza cuello, hombros, tronco y partes proximales de los miembros quedando sin afectacion antebrazos, manos y pies.
The adipose deposits, sparing the distal extremities in this patient, were consistent with so-called multiple symmetric lipomatosis (MSL), also known as Madelung disease.
Madelung, Semiconductors--Basic Data, 2nd Edition, Springer, (1996).