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Ernest E., English ophthalmologist, 1860-1933. See: Maddox rod.
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Tom Oliver is a very clever fellow, and Charles Maddox is as gentlemanlike a man as you will see anywhere, so I will take my horse early to-morrow morning and ride over to Stoke, and settle with one of them.
Charles Maddox dined at my sister's one day, did not he, Henry?
Maddox that I shall shorten some of his speeches, and a great many of my own, before we rehearse together.
Angelina Jolie bonded with her children Maddox and Shiloh.
Through his work as principal of deMx architecture in Fayetteville to his volunteer work within the community, Maddox has embodied the true meaning of leadership and guidance in the American Institute of Architects organization.
Carla McDowell saw the chance to use a bank card belonging to her brother, Anthony Maddox.
HOLLYWOOD star Brad Pitt faces a deepening probe into claims he was physically abusive towards his teenage son Maddox after drinking alcohol on a private jet.
100 CLUB Corporal Maddox joins a select band THERE are not many horses in training on the verge of a century who still have that much to hide from the handicapper, which makes the fact Corporal Maddox made his 99th start a winning one all the more of an achievement, writes Scott Burton.
Wheelchair bound mother-of-three Catherine Maddox, 57, was jailed for two years after admitting conspiracy to import Thai grass cannabis.
Ensemble Cast Includes NayNay Kirby,Lil Maxso, Sean Johnson Tyler Maddox Simms and the Very Funny Tiffany Haddish
The strong scent belonged to Maddox Farm Feeds - a company which produced animal foods right up until the mid-1980s.
Kareem Maddox was incredible with 20 rebounds, four assists, three steals and four blocks.