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Our results showed that PPV with endolaser focal PC can improve the BCVA and reduce the CME in patients with MacTel type 1.
Several treatments have been reported to be effective for MacTel, especially for type 2 [7, 8, 11], and there are few reports on the treatment of MacTel type 1 [4, 8-10].
At present, there is no consensus regarding the treatment of MacTel. Our two patients had no or only limited improvement clinically and angiographically after PC, STTA, and/or antiangiogenic therapy.
These findings support the theory that retinal structural changes seen in MacTel 2 are not secondary to vascular anomalies, but are a primary condition.
(16) studied patients with marked MacTel 2 in one eye and apparently healthy fellow eyes and detected foveal pit asymmetry and temporal foveal thinning which were associated with very early disease.
(17,18) In their OCTA studies of MacTel 2, they emphasized the antiangiogenic properties of Muller cells, stating that hypoxia due to deep vascular network dysfunction and suppression of antiangiogenic factors due to Muller cell degeneration may lead to intraretinal neovascularization.