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Roderick, Scottish physician, 1795-1852. See: Macleod rheumatism.


William Mathieson, British physician, 1911-1977. See: Macleod syndrome, Swyer-James-MacLeod syndrome.

Macleod, John J.

(1876-1935), Scottish physiologist and co-winner, with Sir Frederick G. Banting, of the 1923 Nobel prize for medicine and physiology, for their discovery of insulin. See also Banting, Sir Frederick G.
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Taurus, or, The Bull," the second poem in the series, takes the "ceremony of the Bull murder at the Athenian Dipolia," as Macleod notes, citing James Frazer's The Golden Bough, and gives it a neoclassical rendition:
Macleod was born on September 25, 1836, the son of Martin and Jane Macleod.
Mettraux narrowed in on the methods used to verify the information given in the statements taken by the investigation team Macleod was part of as well as the connection between Abu Adass and Khaled Taha, a Lebanese engineer who apparently manufactured electronic circuits for Al-Qaeda in Iraq and may have left the country with Abu Adass on Jan.
We are so proud to honor Gavin MacLeod as our beloved global ambassador and treasure the impact he's had on not only Princess Cruises but the entire industry over the last 30 years," said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president.
Always know what you want and what you're willing to settle for," continues MacLeod.
Macleod aims to make up for lost time against Rotherham today.
The problem is, MacLeod is in such poor four-day form, Durham may not want him
Macleod says: "It was at the back of my mind I might not get a regular game when that started to happen.
Macleod will be reported as part of the buyer's animal safety segment, Neogen said.
After the break Macleod landed three penalties putting the hosts 16-11 ahead.
It may have been then that MacLeod realized that there are two sides to any story.
Whether or not they do, however, matters little; all MacLeod wants to say is that there's more to life than playing it safe.