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Malcolm, U.S. obstetrician, 1848-1924. See: Tucker-McLean forceps.
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I was for getting angry, and appealed to the rich man (Hector Maclean was his name), who had been a witness to our bargain and to my payment of the five shillings.
At Torosay, on the Sound of Mull and looking over to the mainland of Morven, there was an inn with an innkeeper, who was a Maclean, it appeared, of a very high family; for to keep an inn is thought even more genteel in the Highlands than it is with us, perhaps as partaking of hospitality, or perhaps because the trade is idle and drunken.
It was Maclean of Duart gave it to him because he was blind.
To answer that question Maclean and his partner, Laird Robinson, a younger man who works for the U.
For us, the advantage is that we believe this is the way the industry is going to go," MacLean said.
In 1990, the fifth member of the ring was revealed: John Cairncross, who had been recruited by Blunt, and who had worked closely with Maclean in the Foreign Office.
MacLean is professor of medicine and director of the McGill University Centre for Tropical Diseases.
The panels are produced by MacLean Quality Composites in West Jordan, Utah, an operating unit of MacLean Vehicle Systems, Mundelein, Ill.
CYCLING Olympic silver medallist Craig MacLean has been chosen as Scotland's flag bearer for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony tomorrow night.
Working largely through the Records of Early English Drama at the University of Toronto, Scott McMillin and Sally-Beth MacLean construct a history of the performances and legacy of the Queen's Men, the company that dominated the professional English stages of the 1580s.
By Nancy MacLean (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994.
Now a judge at Newcastle Crown Court has sentenced Maclean - who has been an alcoholic since his teens after playing in a rock band - to three years in prison and criticised his "professionally planned" fraud.