Mackenrodt ligament

car·di·nal lig·a·ment

a fibrous band attached to the uterine cervix and the vault of the lateral fornix of the vagina; continuous with the tissue ensheathing the pelvic vessels.
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Mackenrodt ligament

[A. K. Mackenrodt, Ger. gynecologist, 1859–1925]
The uterine suspensory ligaments attached to the sides of the pelvic wall, the fornix of the vagina, and the cervix. They support both the uterus and the upper vagina. See: prolapse of uterus
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Alwin Karl, German gynecologist, 1859-1925.
Mackenrodt incision
Mackenrodt ligament - Synonym(s): cardinal ligament
Mackenrodt operation
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