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surname of one of the two families studied in major descriptions of the disease.
Machado-Joseph disease - a rare form of hereditary ataxia, characterized by the onset in early adult life of progressive disease, found primarily in people of Azorean ancestry.
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How did members of IO involve themselves with the Red Card Movement without the knowledge of Riek Machar himself?
This factionalism resulted in the December 2013 civil war, which ended in 2015 with the Addis Ababa signing of a peace deal and an April 2016 unity government with Dr Machar as First Vice President.
The world's youngest nation plunged into civil war in late 2013 when troops loyal to Kiir clashed with forces loyal to Machar in the city.
South Sudan has been gripped by civil war since 2013, when a political disagreement between Kiir and Machar exploded into a military confrontation.
A similar power-sharing deal, that returned Machar to the vice presidency, was signed in 2015 but fell apart a year later in a deadly battle that saw Machar flee into exile.
Peter Nyaba, one of Machar's close advisers, described the conditions set by Juba as unacceptable.
Jok also declined to confirm the country where Machar is hiding.
Last week, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged South Sudan's president to meet Machar and cease all military operations.
South Sudan's government had been warning of a looming battle for Bor, which a rebel commander loyal to Mr Machar briefly took before he was repulsed by government forces.
The country has been in turmoil since President Salva Kiir accused Machar a week ago of attempting a coup.
Troops loyal to President Salva Kiir have been fighting rival followers of Machar, his former vice president.
Emma McCune, an expat with the Volunteer Services Overseas and then for the Unicef-funded Street Kids International, met and married Machar in 1991.