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surname of one of the two families studied in major descriptions of the disease.
Machado-Joseph disease - a rare form of hereditary ataxia, characterized by the onset in early adult life of progressive disease, found primarily in people of Azorean ancestry.
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Critique: A masterwork of original and seminal scholarship that rescues a critically important Latin American writer from an undeserved obscurity, "Machado de Assis and Narrative Theory: Language, Imitation, Art, and Verisimilitude in the Last Six Novels" is enhanced for academia with the inclusion of a prefacing article (A Note on Translations), sixteen pages of Notes, a six page Bibliography, and a seven page Index.
Machado also had to know the White Sox had the payroll space to accommodate his forthcoming monster contract.
The former had made an incentivized offer to Machado worth $320 million, but the guaranteed fee was said to be much lower.
The Padres agreed with Machado on a $300 million, 10-year deal, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press on Tuesday.
Additionally, as a sanction for this frivolous appeal, DRPE is to pay Machado $500 plus double his appellate costs."
But Machado, who joined BK nearly five years ago from Unilever, has a reputation as an innovator.
Tranformado assim, em pigmento, o cosmetico nao surgiu esvasiado de significacao, ja que integrou o cotidiano da familia de Machado e faz parte de suas lembrancas mais remotas.
It views positively Jalles Machado's liquidity profile underpinned by its track record and ability to access different sources of finance at adequate tenors.
Roivant Sciences Ltd reported on Wednesday the addition of Patrick Machado to its board of directors.
WASHINGTON/GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump deepened his attacks on a former beauty queen Alicia Machado Friday, calling her "disgusting" and alleging the existence of a sex tape as he refused to back away from an issue that threatens to damage his already weak standing among women and Hispanics.
Machado said Content Works delivers three different types of content for clients: licensed, vertical and custom.