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Ernst, scientist in Hapsburg Empire, 1838-1916. See: Mach band, Mach number.
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A gene on chromosome 2q33-q34 that encodes a protein belonging to the cysteine-aspartic acid protease (caspase) family which, once activated by proteolytic processing, plays a central role in the execution phase of cell apoptosis, as well as various stages of embryological development. CASP8 is an initiator-type caspase, which is activated by, and interacts with, upstream adaptor molecules through CARD and DED protein–protein interaction domains; it is involved in the programmed cell death induced by Fas and various apoptotic stimuli. It is highly expressed in peripheral blood leukocytes and in the spleen, thymus and liver.

Molecular pathology
CASP8 has been detected in the insoluble fraction of affected brain regions in Huntington disease, suggesting a role in neurodegenerative diseases.
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Although only one unsteady aerodynamic simulation under FWGN excitation is required under each flight condition, it is still time-consuming to generate the training data to capture the dynamic characteristics of an unsteady aerodynamic system in the mean angle of attack and Mach number space.
(ii) The KH instability of the kink mode (m = [+ or -] 1) starts at Alfven Mach numbers very close to the predicted ones.
At lower temperatures of T/[] = 0 and T/[] = 2 shown in Figures 2(a) and 2(b), respectively, the panel undergoes the LCO motions in a range of dynamic pressure of interest, and the curves in terms of panel positive deflection peak versus dynamic pressure at Mach number of 5, 10, and 15 are presented.
This study involves the comparison of scramjet inlet performances, which is specifically designed for the Mach number of 10, under different flight regimes.
where the variables u', v', P' and p' are the disturbance values of the velocity along axis x, and velocity along axis y, pressure and density, respectively; A, p, y, Ma, and Re are amplitude, wave number, generalized frequency freestream Mach number, and Reynolds number, respectively.
In a 26-inch fully retracted aft position, at the design cruise Mach number of 3.2, an oblique shock system exists with the lead shock stretched between the cone's apex and the nacelle lip, to yield a maximum total pressure recovery of 40:1.
Specifically, WE seek to minimise the convective Mach numbers of turbulent eddies throughout the jet flow field.
Figure 6(a) is the transmission coefficient under different Mach numbers when incident wave is normal to surface.
Mach number is one of the critical parameter in the gas atomization process.
For example, Blackman tells the story of one of the worst of the early problems: the Vulcan was longitudinally unstable at speeds above .88 indicated Mach number. He describes flight testing the fix, a Mach trimmer that would automatically make the control inputs at high Mach numbers feel natural to the pilot.