Mach number

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Mach num·ber

a number representing the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium, such as air, and the speed of sound in the same medium.


Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel, Austrian scientist, 1838-1916.
Mach band - a relatively bright or dark band.
Mach number - the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium and the speed of sound in the same medium.
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We also obtained a Mach number of around 3 from the experiment, and it was also used in calculating both profiles in Figure 9.
Similar results were obtained for Mach number, pressure, velocity and temperature as explained in the case when the MDT was not present.
S] contours on the altitude versus true airspeed and Mach number plots were turned upside down for both aircrafts.
Optimum OTWEM configuration reduces wave drag on the wings, while increasing the wing's drag divergence Mach number, thus increasing the aircraft's performance and fuel efficiency.
He discovered the optimum Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration, which reduces wave drag at a high Mach number, and applied it to the HondaJet design.
The Mach number is the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound.
In this nozzle, the area increases continuously giving a divergent passage after the throat and exit Mach number will be always greater than 1 which gives the supersonic flow of the gas during the atomization process [7].
Three different test rigs were used to carry out the tests using boundary conditions that ensure flow similarity regarding Reynolds number and Mach number.
Therefore, quantities like radial velocity, pressure gradient, mach number, etc.
Flight parameter utilities calculate such common parameters as equivalent airspeed, Mach number, and dynamic pressure.
Using lasers and pulsed power facilities, Remington said scientists have already demonstrated how high Mach number hydrodynamic jets and radiatively collapsing jets evolve and interact