Mach number

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Mach num·ber

a number representing the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium, such as air, and the speed of sound in the same medium.
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Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel, Austrian scientist, 1838-1916.
Mach band - a relatively bright or dark band.
Mach number - the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium and the speed of sound in the same medium.
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Furthermore, since a thinner layer of plasma is generated in the case of smaller Mach number or larger height, the RCS of the sphere covered by a plasma flow approaches faster to the original PEC target.
The design of experimental studies [22] can be used to select these samples from the mean angle of attack [[alpha].sub.0] and Mach number [M.sub.[infinity]] space.
The threshold Alfveen Mach number is equal to 6.6704 (the prediction one according to (30) is 6.67) which implies that the critical flow speed for KH instability onset is equal to 348.3km [s.sup.-1]--a value far below the jet speed of 385km [s.sup.-1].
From Figure 2, we have shown that, for a given Mach number, there exists a critical dynamic pressure beyond which the deviation between the linear and nonlinear aerodynamic theories is large enough that the aerodynamic nonlinearity has to be considered.
Pressure and Velocity Contours for three, two and single ramp at the Mach Number 10 are plotted in the figures.
Interestingly, the book has a tabulation of flight times at each Mach number obtained.
where [c.sub.0] and M(x) = [v.sub.0](x)/[c.sub.0] represent the adiabatic sound speed and the local Mach number, respectively.
The aerodynamic forces and moments of the projectile body and lifting canards are a function of both Mach number and angle of attack.
This scheme is very suitable for the simulation of high Mach number compressible flow as it leads to much better shock capturing than the standard schemes used in most pressure-based codes like the PISO scheme [40].
However, performance studies done by FRDC engineer Bob Abernethy showed that for a J58 application requiring continuous high Mach number afterburner operation, ducting compressor bleed air directly into the afterburner not only eliminated the stall margin limits, but it also provided better engine performance.