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Mach num·ber

a number representing the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium, such as air, and the speed of sound in the same medium.
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Ernst Waldfried Josef Wenzel, Austrian scientist, 1838-1916.
Mach band - a relatively bright or dark band.
Mach number - the ratio between the speed of an object moving through a fluid medium and the speed of sound in the same medium.
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Not only can meeting planners leverage Mach 2 Airshows for world-class entertainment, they can also book the airshow pilots to mingle with event attendees after the airshow or address audiences with motivational keynotes.
Deadly on prairie dogs and ground squirrels at modest ranges, the .17 Mach 2 won't kill bigger game as surely as fast .22 rimfire hollowpoints.
Just about every rifle and revolver manufacturer is now offering models in .17 Mach 2. Magnum Research's contribution is actually a customized Ruger 10/22.
MACH 2's efforts were instrumental in establishing new aerial ports of debarkation (APODs) in Al Asad and Al Taqqadum--a complex initiative that required close coordination among the Air Force, Marines and Army, but that ultimately shaved precious days off average delivery times and removed the need for thousands of convoy miles across Iraq's deadly roads by flying large-body, inter-theater strategic airlifts to locations closer to units' and squadrons' locations.
In the example just used, where we have a proposal of an aircraft with a cruising speed of Mach 2.5, this will be incorporated into the contract to become the contractual requirement.
With the .30-caliber projectile, neither G1 or G7 Mach 2.25 BC would predict an accurate trajectory at long range.
The coarse fishing winner nets a PRO 2010 polefishing outfit, with a MACH 2 Commercial float rod going to the runnerup.
According to Steve Johnson at Hornady, serious work began on the Mach 2 in late 2002 immediately after the .17 HMR actually hit the dealers' shelves.
Traditional airliners use conventional jet engines which struggle to fly faster than Mach 2.5.