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William, Scottish surgeon, 1848-1924. See: Macewen sign, Macewen symptom, Macewen triangle.
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'Macewen,' said the old man, 'this must be hushed up, if possible.
'I will,' said Macewen. 'I will take the risk of it.'
If it should turn out that these suspicions are correct, and he has embezzled large sums, he must lie on his bed as he has made it.' And then looking up at Macewen with a nod, and one of his strange smiles: 'Good- bye,' said he, and Macewen, perceiving the case to be too grave for consolation, took himself off, and blessed God on his way home that he was childless.
And the company donated this to ERMAC - the Erskine Reid Macewen Activity Centre - for the use of its ex-servicemen and woman.
Other, speaker; Eddie Lumsden, captain; Sandy Quinn, speaker and Ewan MacEwen, vice-captain.
South of the Border, the order in which a couple died had huge implications for those wishing to inherit, says Lindsay MacEwen
Randy MacEwen, President and CEO said, 'We are seeing unprecedented developments and interest in fuel cell electric mobility, as reflected in our growing Order Book.
Randy MacEwen, president and CEO of Ballard Power Systems, said, 'Electrification of transportation is a global megatrend that is needed to help mitigate the impact of climate change and improve air quality.
with support of over 77 percent, snubbing Elliott's candidates John Liu, Robert Randall MacEwen and Margaret Billson.
Actor and writer Sir John McEwen will take up the role with Clan MacEwen in the summer.
We expect our partnership to be a positive long-term catalyst for Ballard's business and for shareholder value," said Randy MacEwen, Ballard President and CEO.