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Ellice, U.S. gynecologist, 1876-1955. See: McDonald maneuver.
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While the themes of fantasy and life run through most of the essays, the first four attend primarily to religious values and tropes in MacDonald's work, the fifth and sixth segue from MacDonald to Stevenson as they unfold a variety of literary representations of nature and the natural world, while the final two essays explore a mixture of tensions between art and life in a number of Stevenson's fantasy and mystery stories.
Richard Briggs and Gavin Last, Mott MacDonald; Peter Adams, Centro; David Hand, Mott MacDonald.
STARS OF THE SHOW J Kevin Keegan and Alex MacDonald wave to fans at Tynecastle
For the second time in three years, Macdonald Hotels has won the Best Breakfast award at the Menu Innovation and Development Awards (MIDAS), which aims to recognise outstanding talents in the restaurant sector.
The luxurious, 5-star Macdonald Spa hotel in Bath provides guests with the perfect opportunity to explore the historic city, while other options include unwinding with a family adventure break at the 4-star Macdonald Cardrona hotel in Peebles or even relax with a winter sunshine break at Macdonald Villacana resort in Malaga.
Macdonald was simultaneously charming and charismatic, a rare and invaluable political combination.
He also began suffering health problems and was "worried", seeming to have a "weight on his shoulders", said Eirlys MacDonald.
Rycroft, 33, is said to have battered 30-year-old Mr MacDonald, from Prestatyn, Denbighshire, with a fire extinguisher in a Travelodge hotel room at Heston on the M4 in September 2007.
Dwight Macdonald was, however, a heterodox socialist.
BAXL will work in conjunction with VDA, an in-room entertainment provider based in Italy, and leverage the Macdonald Resorts resort properties' existing wiring to provide on-demand in-room entertainment (VoD) and high speed Internet solution.
The name of Ramsay MacDonald remains irretrievably linked in British political history with the turbulent events of August 1931.
Solicitors acting for Tanya MacDonald have filed a High Court writ against the celebrity nightspot, which employed the doorman.