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Ellice, U.S. gynecologist, 1876-1955. See: McDonald maneuver.
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During this period, Macdonald became distant from his adoring Agnes, quarrelled bitterly with his son Hugh John and became careless about ties with others.
Macdonald, of Bede Court, St Cuthberts Mews, Middlesbrough, appeared before Teesside Magistrates' Court on Tuesday for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to two offences of failing to notify a change of circumstances and one of making a false representation to obtain benefit.
Macdonald started as a hedge fund manager before venturing into the cannabis space in 2017.
Howells retires from Mott Macdonald after 45 years with the engineering, management, and development consultancy, of which the last eight were as chairman, and previous 14 as MD.
MacDonald did not respond to phone calls or a text message seeking comment.
Mr MacDonald is the chairman and largest shareholder of three pioneering Scottish companies.
In the first case, MacDonald's Ramsey County District Court defamation lawsuit against blogger and one-time political operative Michael Brodkorb was dismissed on summary judgment.
In Scotland's Forgotten Treasure: The Visionary Romances of George MacDonald, Colin Manlove argues that MacDonald is a visionary writer who has been unduly neglected in the United Kingdom.
In this context of public interest and media reporting, Macdonald at 200: New Reflections and Legacies is a timely and especially valuable 21st century exploration of the complex and often apparently paradoxical man, who succeeded in the political construction of a large and diverse country on one hand, but in the process has never been far from controversy and divisiveness on the other.
Jess Atkinson, Director of Sales at Macdonald Aviemore Resort, said: "We hosted more than 750 delegates from China and the UK for dinner, entertainment and accommodation, in what was one of the biggest events ever delivered by Macdonald Aviemore Resort.
Giving customers a touch of the Macdonald magic, now it's easy to relax in a bubble bath like a Hollywood superstar, surrounded by high-end bling but at High Street prices.
Regional managing director at Macdonald, John Angus, said: "The investment at Macdonald Craxton Wood Hotel & Spa and Macdonald Portal Hotel Golf & Spa confirms our commitment to providing guests with the best fitness and spa facilities.