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(mə-klĭn′tək, -tŏk′), Barbara 1902-1992.
American genetic botanist. She won a 1983 Nobel Prize for discovering that genes are mobile within the chromosomes of a plant cell.
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has been established throughout its geographic range and documented well in literature (Pannella & MacClintock 1968; Clark 1979, Fritz & Haven 1983, Peterson et al.
Musicologist Carol MacClintock oversaw operations in the library on an interim basis after Lyman's retirement in 1959 until the appointment later that year of Dorothy Ann Eckstrom, who had a B.
84) She was succeeded in the Music Library by the musicologist Carol MacClintock, who held the post for less than one year.
Bivalves carry a complete record of their lives in their shells (Pannella & MacClintock 1968, Lutz & Rhoads 1980, Richardson 2001).