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(mə-klĭn′tək, -tŏk′), Barbara 1902-1992.
American genetic botanist. She won a 1983 Nobel Prize for discovering that genes are mobile within the chromosomes of a plant cell.
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MacClintock suggests "glottis" for cimbalare (MacClintock, Readings, 37), but this does not fit Maffei's description.
From a scholarly perspective, Altrocchi's 'claim to fame' was Bulletin 2:3 (1925), which included an overview of Modern Italian Literature by a committee comprised of Hilda Norman (short story), Domenico Vittorini (novel), Lander MacClintock (drama), Ruth S.
According to Porter Lander MacClintock, once the imagination of children is suppressed, they will lose interest in everything and become materialistic, dull and dry.
Also, there is something to be said for the contextual approach afforded by MacClintock and Strunk's presentation of excerpts, as it requires the performer to delve more deeply into the primary resources themselves: although one may have to dig around for information that could prove to be meaningful, treatises like Quantz's and Mersenne's do contain a wealth of hidden gems that may provide more insight than a single extract, however intelligently selected and organized it may be.
For the silent film in Italy with respect to Pirandello, see Lander MacClintock, The Age of Pirandello (Bloomington: Indiana Univ.
Certains auteurs ou auteures, se reclamant de Foucault et de Geertz, ont montre l'importance des femmes dans le symbolisme national ou dans la repression (Anne MacClintock (17)).
Grains and other crops are eaten by omnivorous mammals that are potential nest predators (MacClintock, 1981; Kurta, 1995), and a high ratio of cropland to forest may result in particularly high densities of such animals.
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The middle and inner homogeneous layers are separated by the pallial myostracum (Panella and MacClintock, 1968).