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Daniel J., U.S. neurologist, 1874-1958. See: McCarthy reflexes.
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MacCarthy also tries to redress the neglect that the women of the Bauhaus have been subjected to, and makes a case against the view that Gropius was a misogynist.
Francis and thus able to school Gill on requirements for Tertiaries (MacCarthy 144).
Watch ing MacCarthy at work showed his approach to be visual and instinctive; placing works, then seeing how they communicate with each other, and then moving them around over the course of the afternoon.
O'Leary MacCarthy suggests offering recipes and ideas on how to serve seasonal favorites to help inspire customers.
Previous work on the couple includes a chapter in Bob van der Linden's Music and Empire in Britain and India, which focuses on theosophy as an influence on MacCarthy and Foulds.
Desmond MacCarthy remarked on Clive's affectation to the absent Molly (whose increasing deafness made her unable to participate in the Club she had founded).
Following qualification for the event, Ms MacCarthy and her six-year-old black gelding will now spend the next months in rigorous training as they prepare for the main competition in March 2015 at the Vale View Equestrian Centre in Leicestershire.
The narrative of Burne-Jones's life is inseparable from that of his work, and, along with his emotional ups and downs, MacCarthy retraces in great detail his formative journeys to Italy, identifying numerous links between artwork he saw there and his later productions (unfortunately none of these comparisons is illustrated).
The last suggestion by MacCarthy is extremely noteworthy if one takes into consideration Virginia Woolf's decision to transform her male Orlando into a female during roughly the same time period as the setting of Ariosto's epic poem.
MacCarthy documents his extended and extensively documented affair with Maria Zambaco, whom he pursued to Paris and perhaps Italy, as well as a series of ambiguously platonic liaisons with young, handsome, intelligent, and initially unmarried women, among them May Gaskell, Violet Maxse, and Frances Graham Horner.
* Irene MacCarthy was nominated for a Bouquet of the Week by her daughter-in-law Diane
Cathal MacCarthy, writing in the Sunday Independent of Dublin, asked why the police didn't stop the guards from assaulting the first heckler.