Ward J., U.S. bacteriologist, 1881-1946. See: MacNeal tetrachrome blood stain, Novy and MacNeal blood agar.
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a provider of engineered metal manufacturing, has appointed Tracy MacNeal as corporate director of Business Development.
CASE FACTS: On February 10, 2003, Rudolph Uldrych underwent gastric bypass surgery at MacNeal Hospital.
CASE FACTS: On February 10,2003, Rudolph Uldrych underwent gastric bypass surgery at MacNeal Hospital.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- CEP America, one of the nation's largest providers of emergency department (ED) management and staffing solutions, has signed an agreement with MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn, Ill.
WORCESTER - Paula MacNeal and her family are used to seeing wildlife outside their house.
Mucek comes from MacNeal Health Network in Chicago where he was the vice president and CFO.
LITTLE Jessica MacNeal had her tonsils taken out live on the internet yesterday and was sitting up in bed eating toast and drinking just three hours later.
Jessica MacNeal, from Shadsworth in Blackburn, Lancashire, had her tonsils removed at Blackburn Royal Infirmary in a controversial new procedure.
English professor Glynn Baugher, mathematics professor Kurtis Leminert, and mathsemanticist Edward MacNeal conducted the workshops.
Position at Retirement: Medical director, MacNeal Dependency Treatment Center, MacNeal Hospital, Berwyn, Ill.
From the Department of Radiology, MacNeal Hospital, Berwyn, Ill.
Chicago's MacNeal Health Network made several smart moves to get physician buy-in for a computer-based patient record system in its outpatient clinics.