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Elsie A., 20th-century researcher. See: Lowe-Terrey-MacLachlan syndrome.
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If the sight of another man in his shirt at first added some shock to the decency of the lady, it made her presently amends by considerably abating her fears; for no sooner had the calabalaro entered the room than he cried out, "Mr Fitzpatrick, what the devil is the maning of this?" Upon which the other immediately answered, "O, Mr Maclachlan! I am rejoiced you are here.--This villain hath debauched my wife, and is got into bed with her."--"What wife?" cries Maclachlan; "do not I know Mrs Fitzpatrick very well, and don't I see that the lady, whom the gentleman who stands here in his shirt is lying in bed with, is none of her?"
Jones treated this menace with much contempt; and Mr Maclachlan answered, "Indeed, Mr Fitzpatrick, you may be ashamed of your own self, to disturb people at this time of night; if all the people in the inn were not asleep, you would have awakened them as you have me.
A few days before the incident, the woman had been in bed at their friend's home when Maclachlan Sim, who had gone out drinking, returned and began telling other people he was going to beat her up -- so she left and went to her mother's home.
Former infantry sergeant Calum McLeod, who runs PTSD-busting charity Who Dares Cares with ex-SAS man Colin MacLachlan, said yesterday: "The SAS are the elite of the British Army but like all branches of the forces they are keen to boost their reserve numbers.
Jason Creswell, 38, Jason Swindlehurst, 39 and Alec MacLachlan, 30, were protecting computer programmer Peter Moore, 36, when they were captured by militiamen who stormed a government building in May 2007.
Image: Mr Smooth Best known for: Twin Peaks Early life: Kyle Merritt MacLachlan was born on February 22, 1959, in Yakima, Washington. Campbell Maclachlan is assistant director of Wise Speke in Newcastle.
Peter Strikwerda (pictured) has moved from the metal company's Special Profiles and Supplies business to succeed Jack MacLachlan who is now the company's MD, Manufacturing Excellence.
Robert Woody Harrelson Jack Kyle MacLachlan The British have a word for plays like "On an Average Day," and it's fewer syllables than "average": tosh.
The poll was timed to tie in with US stars Woody Harrelson and Kyle MacLachlan making their West End stage debut in On An Average Day.
One of the eye-catching performances came from Andrew MacLachlan who won all his matches playing off four and 13-year-old Andrew Sullivan, who played off 10
Caberfeidh hope to have Gavin MacLachlan and Calum MacKinnon back for their Mowi Premiership game with Oban Camanachd at Castle Leod tomorrow.