MacConkey, Alfred Theodore

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Alfred Theodore, English bacteriologist, 1861-1931.
MacConkey agar - a medium used to identify gram-negative bacilli and characterize them according to their status as lactose fermenters. Synonym(s): MacConkey medium
MacConkey medium - Synonym(s): MacConkey agar
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mirabilis, Whitby, et al., 1945; MacConkey, et al., 1999; Sokokski, and Stapert, 1963 and Williams, 1973, have been used numerous media to prevent this swarming, among these are very dry plate, MacConkey medium containing bile salt, ferrous ions and P-nitrophenyl glycerin.
All samples were enriched in nutrient broth, cross-inoculated in MacConkey medium, and single pink colonies were picked and purified on MacConkey medium (Hangzhou Microbial reagent Co.
On MacConkey medium, colonies are bright pink due to lactose fermentation.
MHA medium and MacConkey medium, drug-sensitive paper discs were purchased from Hangzhou Tianhe Microorganism Reagent Co., Ltd (Hangzhou, China).
For the standard plate count (SPC), the MacConkey medium is used, at room temperature.
Sorbitol Macconkey Medium for Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Associated with Hemorrhagic Colitis.
Rhamnose MacConkey (VTEC O26) agar is based on traditional MacConkey medium but with rhamnose substituted as the fermentable carbohydrate in place of the usual lactose.
fortuitum isolates grow in MacConkey medium at 42[degrees]C and in Lowenstein-Jensen 5% NaCl, show a positive arylsulphatase test in 3 days, positive nitrate reduction activity and a positive iron uptake test [3,17].
aeruginosa based on colony morphology, (i.e., large irregular, non-lactose fermenting colonies on MacConkey medium and pigmented colonies on nutrient agar) gram staining, oxidase reaction, production of pyocyanin, citrate utilization test.
Sorbitol MacConkey medium is a variant of MacConkey agar in which lactose is replaced by sucrose.
Subculture on MacConkey medium showed positive reactions for oxidase, catalase, and gamma-glutamyltransferase.
Sample processing-The samples were selected on the basis of their growth on routine Blood agar & MacConkey medium which showed lactose non-fermenting pale colonies which were oxidase test positiveIdentification & sensitivity of all isolates were done by BD Phoenix[TM] Automated Microbiological System.