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A powder prepared from the roasted kernels of the ripe seed of Theobroma cacao (family Sterculiaceae); used in the preparation of cocoa syrup, a flavoring agent.
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Generally users have been averse to moving to Mac OS X from Windows.
functional Mac OS X crypto ransomware if it fell into the wrong hands, Marques
Oracle has yet to release a new version that will pass through the Xprotect system on Mac OS X.
Mac Marshal Forensic Edition v3.0 is the standard version of the solution, installable on Mac OS X 10.4 or newer and Microsoft Windows XP or newer.
CMG EE v6.5 for Mac extends CREDANT's data protection to all Mac OS X environments including Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger and v10.5 Leopard Systems.
Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, by Parallels, bridges the software gap between Intel-based Macs and PCs by enabling users to run Windows, Linux, or any other OS and their applications at the same time as Mac OS X, without rebooting and at full native speeds.
have concluded a contract with the U.S.-based Parallels for the release of Parallels Desktop for Mac, a virtualization software for Intel-powered iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook or MacBook Pro that can be used to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system at the same time as Mac OS X.
Since January, most popular browsers have been updated, including Mac OS X's Safari 2 RSS, Opera 8, Firefox 1.5, and Internet Explorer (IE) 7 Beta for Windows XP with Service Pack 2.
The software runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000 Server SP4, and Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition and leverages their built-in security to provide Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption of data transferred between FileMaker Server 8 Advanced and the web.
FileWave, a provider of Mac OS X and Windows systems management software, has unveiled the latest version of its software management suite FileWave(TM) 2.5.
LISTSERV, the product that launched the email list management industry in 1986, is being released today for Mac OS X. In a market segment currently dominated by Linux, LISTSERV for Mac OS X offers an alternative for organizations that want to use UNIX, but do not have the level of expertise required by traditional UNIX systems.
Publisher O'Reilly has released a new edition of its guide to the Unix side of the Mac OS X operating system.