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MABCAMPATH: EPAR - summary for the public [updated 2012-8-152017-2-22].
Cahill, "Fatal thrombocytopenia temporally related to the administration of alemtuzumab (MabCampath) for refractory CLL despite early discontinuation of therapy," International Journal of Hematology, vol.
Therefore, all cynomolgus were administered alemtuzumab (MabCampath, Bayer-Schering, Berlin, Germany), at a dose of 3 mg/kg by intravenous injection.
biotech company won primary responsibility for the development and commercialization of Campath, known as MabCampath in Europe, for its use to combat MS, Genzyme said.
In a separate development, the drug MabCampath for patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL), has been approved for use in Wales by the AWMSG.
One patient responded to nine treatments, whereas the other one was refractory to five PEs, a second transplant to reinforce graft-versus-plasma cell effect, additional donor-lymphocyte infusion, anti-CD52 antibody (MabCampath) therapy and a third transplant.
Obviously I have to await developments and be regularly checked but one of the great advantages of MabCampath is that if the cells increase again you can have further doses which you can't with conventional chemotherapy.'
Genzyme plans to make a similar filing within the next few weeks in Europe, where the drug is marketed as MabCampath. Elsewhere, Merck & Co.