MWC model

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MWC mod·el

abbreviation for Monod-Wyman-Changeux model.
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The MWC model assumes that the biological activity can qualitatively be analogous to the saturation function.
Severino focuses on English language learners, yet her approach has implications for the MWC model.
Ultimately, the MWC model raises a whole new set of questions about the teaching and learning of writing in international contexts for writing centers and, by extension, foreign language instructors.
Equations (4) and (5) represent the PMF for the AdG and MWC models, respectively, where in both cases [h.sub.0] represents the thickness of the uncompressed polymer layer, A is the colloids' surface area, [GAMMA] is the polymer grafting density, and h is the distance separating the surfaces of colloids when the polymer layers are compressed.