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Symbol for nuclear magneton.
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Attending MUN has helped reinforce Anoop's dream to become an IFS (Indian Foreign Services) officer.
Mun begins his monograph with a review of the academic literature surrounding the Purification Buddhist Movement.
The industrial action came after Rossing management refused to give in to the MUN Rossing branch leadership demands, which Salisbury claimed as defeating logic and unreasonable as the company was being pressured to pay additional bonuses to employees for no substantive rationale or reason.
Many DIA students have already taken part in six MUN sessions, including those at The Hague, New York and Harvard.
Although Mun claims that only one percent is autobiographical, reviewers described the novel as wholly authentic.
''As my last word I decided to talk about my father before I might lose my voice,'' said Mun Ja, who is due to have surgery for cancer of the larynx.
MUN and Labour Resource and Research Institute, Windhoek 2002
Mun.), is nor convincing, as the description lacks sufficient detail to link it with certainty to any work.
Mun. "This MRI will let us image at least 10 slices per second -- with much better resolution and great consistency."