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1. Symbol for Bohr magneton.
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for MUW students for MUB students village 25,64 34,78 cities up to 200k 40,77 48,92 cities over 200k 33,59 16,3 Note: Table made from pie chart.
When asked whether they would accept the opportunity to harvest organs of loved ones after their death 79.74% of MUW students and 71,74% of MUB students said definitely yes.
Most often the respondents would give up their own kidney or liver fragment to close family - such answer was given by 98% of MUW students and 96.7% of MUB students; next to a friend - 71.5% of MUW students and 60.9% of MUB students.
24.1% of the students of the second year of the bachelor's degree at MUW and 42.4% of MUB students gave the correct answers.
Prof Corbally said since the hospital was a teaching facility for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) Medical University of Bahrain (MUB), it would have a strong focus on developing an attitude towards training top class medical professionals.
He said, "The air force station is also slated to house an array of IAF platforms in the future including Su-30 'Air Dominance' Fighter Aircraft, Medium Transport Aircraft, Remotely Piloted Aircraft and a Medium Power Radar on build up of further infrastructure." (end) KUNA 271920 May 13NNNN
The Indian government recognizes that there are legitimate grievances regarding local peoples' access to forest land and produce and the distribution of benefits from mining developments, but maintains that the Naxal long-term goal "is to establish an Indian Marxist state".(end) mub.wsa KUNA 261025 May 13NNNN