midtarsal joint

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trans·verse tar·sal joint

the complex joint formed by the synovial joints between the talus and navicular bone medially and the calcaneus and navicular bones laterally that act as a unit in allowing the front of the foot to pivot relative to the back of the foot about the longitudinal axis of the foot, contributing to the total inversion and eversion movements.
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1,3] values of MTJ displacement, MTJ angle and RTE from 0[degrees] to 20[degrees] in the control condition are shown in Table 1.
8) "Our customer experiences several challenges in MTJ characterization with conventional rack and stack-base test environments," such as a time-consuming bit-error-rate tests, inaccurate writing voltage, and the difficulty of applying high-speed pulsed IV tests with 1-ns pulse widths.
To further test the success of this development, a 2-Mbit STT-MRAM test chip integrating the new technology has been designed to verify the space needed for the integrated circuits -- this includes more than 1million MTJs.
If the MTJ is in a high-resistance state, this circuit exhibits negative-resistance characteristics.
Confusingly they then stated (when referring to 13 of these injuries investigated using MR imaging) that evidence of injury to the MTJ was observed in 5 cases, and to the muscle in 1 case (Table 2).
Parkin also increased the thermal stability from 100 [degrees] C to 250 [degrees] C, although this requires even further improvement before MTJ RAM becomes practical.
Covariables SHM, MTM and SHF had high loading values for the first PLS factor, whereas covariables PRF, MTJ, SHJ, and PRJ had high loading values for the second PLS factor.
Tenders are invited for Composters for MTJ Regions.
Ed Bedington, editor of MTJ, said: "This year's competition was one of the toughest yet, with judges roundly praising the high standard of entries.
The MTJs in the MFF were created using the same process as the MTJs in the 250-MHz high speed MRAM that was originally developed, designed and fabricated by NEC, and features MTJ layers being incorporated into an inter-metal oxide layer.
minimum temperatures in December, January, February, and March, maximum temperatures in January, in March, and sun hours in March (mTD, mTJ, mTF, mTM, MTJ, MTM, and SHM) (with positive X loadings) (Fig.