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Abbreviation for men who have sex with men.
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Abbreviation for men who have sex with men.
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Patient discussion about MSM

Q. is taking glucosomine and msm good enough for me?i have problems with my left knee. i was wondering if i absolutely need to add in chrondoitin to the mix.will this add more joint support benefit for my problamatic left knee...?so far,the glucosomine and msm seem to be working pretty good but maybe things could be even better by adding in chrondoitin perhaps...?

A. I have hypoglycemia, shellfish and sulfa drug allergy and cataracts, and developed symptoms like diabetic neuropathy after taking this for over 60 days. Since learned that glucosamine is sugar and sulpha based, and chondroitan is made from shellfish, so I should not have used.

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meningitidis semigroup C accounted for 39 (84.8%) cases in MSM, compared with 16.4% of cases in non-MSM (Table 1).
The non-MSM and MSM groups were compared and statistical significance was tested at a level of 0.05 with 95% confidence intervals (CIs).
Azhar said as far as Malaysia was concerned, there were two leading sugar-refining players, namely MSM and Tradewinds (M) Bhd, on top of increased competition from non-refiners that are importing sugar into the domestic market.
All of Glucosamine with Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia Supplement's ingredients work together to relieve pain and promote mobility to its users.
MSM Poly has invested $7.5 million to get to this point, and says it will spend another $15 million in 2018.
MSM's are at high risk for HIV infection and other viral, bacterial STD's because MSM may practice anal sex and the rectal mucosa is uniquely susceptible to certain STD pathogens (in addition to multiple sex partners, substance use and sexual network dynamics of MSM further increase the risk).
We were unable to find any published studies on kissing partners in which sex did not occur (termed kissing-only partners) either in heterosexuals or MSM, besides the data we recently presented (5).
reported the association between age at first anal sex with a man or vaginal sex with a woman and HIV infection among 533 MSM attending a sexual health clinic in Shenzhen.
Kiser relocates to California and MSM expands its New York City footprint to service both its existing and Mr.
The authors reviewed the literature from social science and public health disciplines and policy documents around economic considerations and influences affecting the HIV epidemic among MSM in SSA.
A colonial-era law criminalizing "unnatural" sex is reinforcing the stigma that leaves men who have sex with men (MSM) in Myanmar "hidden, silenced and shamed", hindering efforts to contain HIV/ AIDS among this highly at-risk group, AIDS experts and activists say.
[1] This is even more apparent for South African men who have sex with men (MSM), who have historically been ignored for directed service provision, despite being a key population at high risk of HIV acquisition and transmission.