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 (mrad) [mil´ĭ-rad]
one thousandth (10−3) of a rad.
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MRad (D)

Abbrev. for Master of Radiodiagnosis.

MRad (I)

Abbrev. for Master of Radiotherapy.
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Nomenclature []: Daylighting area of the mirror grid km ([m.sup.2]) f: Focal length of the dish concentrator (m) K, M: Discretion numbers of the dish concentrator mirror N, W: Discretion numbers of the sun cone [R.sub.1]: Radius of the dish concentrator (m) [R.sub.2]: Void field radius of the dish concentrator (m) [W.sub.0]: DNI value (W[m.sup.-2]) [[omega].sub.err]: Total tracking error of the dish concentrator (mrad), [[omega].sub.err] = [square root of [([[epsilon].sub.2r]).sup.2] + [([[epsilon].sub.1]).sup.1].
Mrad also believes regional developments should follow global best practices but remain distinctly regional.
For the three groups received MAT surgeries, the gross appearance of the meniscal allografts was normal with a shiny white color and a smooth surface, except for 2 menisci in the 2.5 Mrad group showed partial radial tear at midbody.
Mrad concluded: "Another popular option for our Middle East customers when travelling to US or Europe is our Hertz Supercar collection.
Mrad said one of the features of the Hertz investment in the Middle East has been the continued roll out of domestic Hertz website domains, most recently introduced in Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, and Turkey.
There are several moving, compelling moments in here; the instance where Mrad's character sneaks on his daughter while playing the cello is arguably the most beautiful scene in the film.
In most of these standardized uses, the total dosage often recommended for use is 2.5 to 5.0 Mrad, based on experience and consultation (Carey 1998) and on previous work showing that 2.5 Mrad is the lowest dose required to fully sterilize wood (Hansen 1972, Schmidt and French 1979).
Syria's defence minister Abdul Rahim Mrad said Damascus would still play a role in Lebanon's affairs.
Their proven construction uses radiation resistant materials, including TEFZEL[R] jacket material, to ensure that the cables remain structurally sound in radiation environments up to 100 Mrad.
The balance can be servoed over a range of [+ or -]175 mrad ([+ or -]10[degrees]), and held to a given angular position to within 500 nrad.
The compound was extruded into strands through a die and was irradiated to doses ranging from 5 to 80 Mrad using a 1-MeV electron beam.