MRI scan

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan

A special radiological test that uses magnetic waves to create pictures of an area, including bones, muscles, and tendons.
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Q. Anybody to tell me more about MRI scan? had an MRIscan and this has snown adenocarcinoma of endometrium early stage There is no lymphatic involvement but is it possible an MRIscan to miss some tumor?

A. MRI is a very effective machine but it has it's limits. it has a great resolution but will not see very small tumors. therefore- it can miss metastasis sometime. but if your adenocarcinoma is in early stage- it might not sent metastasis. they did a biopsy? that can give you some idea what to expect.

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BIOTRONIK ProMRI technology allows patients with approved device systems to have 1.5 Tesla MRI scans without an exclusion zone.
X-rays and CAT scans make use of harmful radiations, while MRI scans don't.
You will hear some noise - this is completely normal and is the sound of the MRI scan machine taking the images.
I READ the article relating to MRI scans being offered privately to NHS patients and couldn't help but laugh at the additional comments from Dr Tom Goodfellow, consultant radiologist.
NHS Grampian has since apologised and admitted that she should have been given an MRI scan earlier.
Doctors said he would need a full body MRI scan to tell the extent of the disease and told him the waiting list was at least seven months.
Nearly one third of the primary care physicians responding to our survey had not personally ordered an MRI scan in the past year.
"He hasn't got the results of the MRI scan yet they are likely to come back tomorrow," Berry's father Frank said last night.
After his examination, he quickly arranged an MRI scan within a couple of days at the Cardiff Bay Hospital, also part of Nuffield Health.
"Post MRI Scan after Junaid Khan's injury during camp training on