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Of course, if you are from Generation X, like me, you can recall how despite the many limitations Walkman's of yore had with playing cassettes, the analog sound, especially when playing an original, quality tape, was often astonishing, being almost worlds apart from what you now hear in MP3 players that can bring you thousands of songs in a little gadget but have sounds that are, well, dreadful.
"Many music lovers are listening to their MP3 players too loudly but are completely oblivious of the danger to their hearing.
“Our MP3 players and web page downloads are affordable, have minimal or even zero packaging, are entirely reusable.
'Cyborg' science?: The new MP3 player will be implanted under the skin of the arm.
Summary: Europe-wide limits on noise levels from MP3 players have been urged, but head-bangers can still turn up the volume as much as they like.
Designed to experience easy uploading, downloading and playback of audio files, the MP3 player has a direct high speed USB connection and drag-and-drop interface built into the latest Walkman.
2- No Voice Recorder Whether you're interviewing someone,Aa want to record a business meeting, or just want to create voice memos, you'd like to be able to do that using your MP3 player that you already carry around.
CHEAPER: Philips 2GB (SA2620) MP3 player in black, holds 500 tracks pounds 24.99
Summary: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics and digital technology, today unveiled at Gitex Technology Week 2008 a series of new generation music players, the Q1 and U4.The new line-up emphasises sound, light and colour to express seeing, listening and feeling of music from the `Imagine Freedom from Monotony` concept of 2008 Samsung MP3 Players.
By plugging the Dongle into your MP3 player you can the wirelessly send the sounds through to the Stereo Player for great music quality on the go.
The Apple iPod is by far the most popular MP3 player on the market.