metacarpophalangeal joints

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met·a·car·po·pha·lan·ge·al joints

the condylar or ellipsoid synovial joints between the heads of the metacarpals and the bases of the proximal phalanges. The palmar aspects of the metacarpal heads are partially divided, so the joint is nearly bicondylar.
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(68) The type of splint used is an opponens splint that holds the thumb in abduction at the carpometacarpal joint and extension at the IP and MP joints. (84) The goal of splinting is to allow the deficient extensor mechanism to develop and strengthen.
* At the time of fixator removal full movements were regained at 42.5% of MP Joints, 42.5% IP joint, 51.88% of PIP joints, 56.88% of DIP joints, 40% of wrist joint, 51% of MP joints.
The first injection resulted in a mean 81% reduction in the degree of fixed-flexion contracture in treated MP joints, and a 66% decrease in PIP joints.
In the 71% of patients with MP joints that achieved clinical success and did not recur through three years, the mean degree of contracture was 37.6 degrees at pre-treatment baseline and 2.8 degrees at three years.
Its range-limiting clips permit a custom fit for the hand and are used to block specific IP or MP joints during extension and flexion exercises.
Her PIP and MP joints were obviously swollen, hot and tender.
For example, when the MP joints (metacarpophalangeal joints, the first knuckles closest to the wrist) become severely affected, an "ulnar drift" deformity may gradually set in.
The breakdown of cords that were treated concurrently was: five patients with a single finger containing both an MP and PIP joint; five patients with two MP joints on two separate fingers; two patients with a single MP and PIP joint on two separate fingers.
The fact that the lateral radiograph shows four overlapping MP joints explains why this injury is commonly missed.
Both use a dorsal blocking splint that places the wrist and the MP joints in flexion to reduce tension on the flexor tendons.
In this position, the MP joints are flexed 90 [degrees], the wrist is extended 30 [degrees] and the IP joints are fully extended.