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 (mm) [mil´ĭ-me″ter]
one thousandth (10−3) of a meter; equivalent to 0.039 inch.


 (mM) [mil´ĭ-mo″ler]
denoting a concentration of 1 millimole per liter.
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, mm
Abbreviation for millimolar.


Abbreviation for millimeter.
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Abbreviation for:
major medical
malignant melanoma (see Melanoma)
malignant meningioma
malignant mesothelioma
medial malleolus
meningococcal meningitis (see there)
meningomyelocele (see there)
methadone maintenance
mitochondrial myopathy
multiple myeloma (see Myeloma)
muscularis mucosae
mutual maturbation (sexology)
myeloid metaplasia
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Abbreviation for millimeter.
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Patient discussion about mm

Q. my mm/hr is 73 I know that normal is 20 what do i do? I had blood work and my mm/hr is high what must be the reason for this ?

A. Well, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (that can you read more about it in wiki isn't a very specific test: it may be elevated in many situations, both more and less significant. It may be elevated in pregnancy, people with overweight and it's influenced by other things in your blood.

IMHO, the most important thing is whether you have other complaints or abnormal tests. If you don't have any other problem than these results may mean nothing. However, you should check with your doctor about the other tests.

Take care,

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