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L'Investissement est en hausse en 2018 avec 760 MMAD investis dont 14 nouveaux investissements.
HFA-BDP (Qvar; Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan), which first appeared in the literature in 1998 [14], attracted attention as an aerosol with a very small particle size (MMAD: 1.1 [micro]m).
We calculated the deposition fraction of rat and human for the test toner would be 0.036 and 0.159, respectively (calculated by MPPD 2 model: MMAD (GSD) 2.1 [micro]m (1.6)).
The fine PM concentrator delivered CAP 0.15-2.5 [micro]m in MMAD (fine CAP), and the coarse PM concentrator delivered CAP 2.5-10 [micro]m in MMAD (coarse CAP).
TABLE 2: Aerodynamic properties of nanospray-dried Klys/leu (15% leu, 30% IPA) powders after ACI experiments: emitted dose (ED), mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD), fine particles fraction (FPF), and fine particle dose (FPD).
Enquanto que os modelos de programacao matematica utilizam eminentemente informacoes quantitativas e de maior homogeneidade dimensional, sendo que suas orientacoes decisorias trabalham com operadores otimos de maximizacao ou minimizacao (ou ambos, no caso de modelos multiobjetivos); os MMAD destinam-se a agregacao de informacoes quantitativas e qualitativas, que sao direcionadas a busca por solucoes nao otimas, mas que sejam satisfatorias por satisfazerem as preferencias e valores dos decisores.
MMAD is designed to ensure the latest products and services are available in a flexible manner to meet the various requirements identified by DoD and other agencies.
Television replays showed Dravid was short of his ground and the stunned silence became a feature of the next couple of overs as Plunkett trapped Moha mmad Kaif leg-before-wicket.
Clients using the current Communicator system include Durham County Cricket Club, MMAD Leisure and Tyne & Wear Development Company.
Mike Atherton had won the toss conducted with a florin from 1848 - the year of Grace's birth - but lost opening partner Sohail quickly and then departed for 28 before a third-wicket partnership of 147 in 28.2 overs between Shivnarine Chanderpaul andMoha mmad Azharuddin rescued the MCC.
The workers are being accompanied by Larnaca police and members of the police rapid response unit (MMAD).