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The MLST results showed that all VREfm subtypes of lineage A presented ST412.
pdf) and compared the isolates closely related to the outbreak strain by core-genome MLST (Figure 2) (8).
Conclusion: This is the first study of its kind in Iran to determine the sequence types of the clinical isolates of Salmonella Typhimurium in Tehran hospitals using MLST.
En este caso, los resultados del MLST indican que tres de estos cuatro aislados comparten la misma secuencia tipo, la ST437, mientras que Kpn126169, es portador de la ST1535 (Fig.
A selection of 56 MSSA isolates strains from cases of bovine mastitis clinical or subclinical cases of dairy bovine (n=118) in Oran were performed by bacteriological methods and by different molecular techniques (Maldi Tof and MLST, spa typing).
Among pairs of patients whose isolates were of the same MLST subtype and who were simultaneously on the same hospital ward when infection might have occurred, 28% of isolate pairs had >10 SNVs separating them.
anastrephae-Wolbachia and other Wolbachia strains was examined based on concatenated MLST gene nucleotide sequences.
MLST confirmed the clonal relationship initially identified by PFGE in six isolates related to Sweden [1] ST306 and in one related to Sweden [1] ST304.
All SprinkleBit community members may play - there is no charge for membership or to compete in the MLST tournament.
Results of analysis of MLST STs, IGS type, and ospC major group and the corresponding RST type for each sample analyzed.
The value of information sharing, whether that information is molecular, through the nucleotide and protein sequence database, or it is epidemiological and microbiological, through the MLST databases, is now well understood.