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Abbreviation for pipsyl.
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induced pluripotent stem cell



A body cell that has been reprogrammed to behave like an embryonic stem cell, that is, to be able to differentiate into cells that could regenerate and repair many different kinds of damaged or diseased tissues.
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As a combined entity under the name Wave Computing, MIPS will operate as an IP business unit and continue to license MIPS IP solutions that can now integrate Wave's dataflow technology.
"Instead, the commission and staff, under your leadership, should work toward a new recommendation that would improve aspects of the MIPS program that remain a challenge for all clinicians."
To evaluate the selectivity of MIPs, two structural analogues (schemes), imazapyr and carbendazim, were selected to determine their binding capacities on MIPs and NIPs.
Answer: MIPS eligible clinicians must use certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) to report to the ACI performance category.
Eligible Clinicians--MACRA expands the categories of Eligible Clinicians under MIPS to include not only physicians but also physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), clinical nurse specialists (CNS), certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), and groups that include such practitioners.
The excitation coil induces a current in the detection coil by magnetic induction and an MIPS whose magnitude depends on the conductivity of the rabbit brain.
Besides use in high-powered servers, MIPS technology became known to the public in "Jurassic Park" and other movies that relied upon computer graphics.
The encapsulation of MNPs with MIPs was performed using ultrasonication-assisted synthesis in a ferrolluid and prepolymerization solution medium (10:10, v/v).
Determining whether these MIPs actually confer virulence will require further experiments.
Conversely, other observations in the high-price group may have a low absolute value of e.sub.n, but a high value of their MIPS rating.
6 meeting that "MIPS will not achieve the goal of identifying and rewarding high-value clinicians."
is to speed time-to-market and adoption of Loongson processors, and we are excited to work closely with MIPS, ICT, and the China Government to continue to grow the China ecosystem around our processors.