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A series of studies on the effects of early intervention with metoprolol on short-term—2 weeks—and long-term mortality post-acute MI
Conclusion Overall mortality at 1 year was 10.6% in early metoprolol patients vs. 10.7% for placebo patients
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Miami is a hotspot for flower imports due to its proximity to flower-producing countries.
As Max Rameau, an organizer with the Miami Workers Center, said, "The Haitian community understands globalization, or at least the end result that it has on Third World countries.
If you prefer watching your sports instead of playing them, there's professional football at Joe Robbie Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, while the Miami Arena is home to the NBA's Miami Heat, as well as the scene for many of the city's major concerts.
A criminal referral concerning the activities discovered at the Miami agency was filed with the U.
What Didion adds is a context, a method of presentation that gives the Miami story a sombrous continuity.
The council is redoubling efforts to attract new businesses, although Nero recognizes that Miami has clearly entered a new phase in its existence.
The city of Miami Beach is using $60 million to lure the development of two convention hotels.
Marriott, Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental, as well as the Conrad Miami, Hilton's top-of-the-line brand, which opened last year on Brickell Avenue.