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Minimum Information about a Microarray Experiment. The non plus minimum needed to enable the interpretation of the results of a microarray experiment unambiguously and reproduce it
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These details of experiment can vary significantly the effort of the MIAME guidelines is to record the core details which are common to most experiments.
Gene Expression Specifications: Another objective of MIAME was to guide the development of microarray databases and data management software.
2] Nonstandard abbreviations: miRNA, microRNA; MIAME, minimum information about a microarray experiment; IOM, Institute of Medicine; REMARK, reporting recommendations for tumor marker prognostic studies; FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; NCI, National Cancer Institute.
m) Overall ruling on MIAME compliance (liberally interpreted as availability of raw and normalized data, description of technical and biological replicates, and some combination of information on data processing, normalization, and analysis): yes or no.
The scientific journals should require that all primary microarray data be submitted to one of the public repositories--ArrayExpress, GEO, or CIBEX--in a format that complies with the MIAME guidelines.
html MIAME (Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment) This page of the MGED Society website describes MIAME principles and requirements, and lists links to relevant tools and news.
2003) and MIAME (Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment) data format standards (Brazma et al.
Key words: ArrayExpress, bioinformatics, CEBS, database, EBI, HESI, MIAME, NCT, toxicogenomics.
Key words: bioinformatics, data analysis, database, genomics, infrastructure, MIAME, microarray, systems toxicology, toxicogenomics, toxicology.
All procedures such as experimental design, array design, sampling, hybridization, signal measurements, and normalization control were performed according to the MIAME (minimum information about a microarray experiment) guidelines (Brazma et al.
It will provide MIAME (minimal information about a microarray experiment) (Brazma et al.
This group has developed a core set of guidelines that is loosely termed Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment, or MIAME.