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A gene on chromosome 22q13.1, which encodes a myosin IIA heavy chain that contains an IQ domain and a myosin head-like domain. It is
involved in cytokinesis, cell motility, maintaining cell shape and specialised functions, such as secretion and capping.

Molecular pathology
MYH9 mutations are linked to non-syndromic sensorineural deafness autosomal dominant type 17, Epstein syndrome, Alport syndrome with macrothrombocytopenia, Sebastian syndrome, Fechtner syndrome and macrothrombocytopenia with progressive sensorineural deafness.
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Abbreviation for Mental Health Association.
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"The MHA is consulted internally by MEA before issuing this permission.
The directors said that, since becoming a member of MHA in 2011, MHA Tait Walker has helped shape the network into a collaborative and thriving association and it has also grown the local delivery of the services that the firm offers, helping to expanding the team from 110 to 165 members of staff.
On October 11, Steve Kent, MHA (Mount Pearl North) resigned his seat.
Replying to a parliament question on the need to repeal FCRA as the law was obstructing civil society's access to foreign funding MHA stated, " The government is also aware about the one sided and biased views expressed by certain persons / associations regarding the cancellation of FCRA Registration.
The merger will not impact on the current operations of MHA Bloomer Heaven, all four directors will remain in post and the Birmingham office will continue to be headed by managing director Chris Barlow.
There was solid support in fairly quick time as all MHA batsmen went to the rampage against the hapless Pak Young bowlers.
This new partnership, which sees MHA granting LED Lighting Technology an agreement to distribute MHA's waveguide products throughout the Channel Islands, was formed in response to the rapidly-growing demand for companies to make the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting of high quality and reliability.
According to MHA, the purchase of the hospital has received regulatory approval from the New Jersey Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, the New Jersey Attorney General, and the Superior Court of New Jersey.
"BlackBerry has assured the Ministry of Home Affairs that the issue of monitoring of the BlackBerry will be sorted out soon...I am sure we will soon be on the same page and our concerns will be addressed," Special Security (Internal Security) in the MHA Utthan Kumar Bansal told reporters on the sidelines of a function here.
BARCLAYS Commercial Bank is providing pounds 20m funding to MHA Care Group to enable the charity to expand its care services for older people.
His experience led him to help found what is now known as Mental Health America (MHA), a grassroots consumer advocacy organization that this year celebrates its centennial.
Through the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA), the state's 144 community hospitals created the MHA Keystone Center for Patient Safety & Quality.