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acronym for MEDLARS on-line, a computerized bibliographical retrieval system, an on-line segment of medlars.
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[MEDLARS online] A computer-based telephone and internet linkage to MEDLARS for rapid provision of medical bibliographies.
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The National Library of Medicine's bibliographic database for scientific publication, and computerised version of the printed Index Medicus. It is maintained as a service of the National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health); it summarises thousands of pieces of biomedical research literature in selected journals, and indexes the content of biomedical and health sciences journals.
MEDLINE is the most widely used of 40 MEDLARS databases managed by the NLM; citations for 7.5 million articles published since 1966 from ±4,500 health and biomedical journals are compiled in MEDLINE.
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Medical informatics National Library of Medicine's bibliographic database for scientific publication, and computer version of the printed Index Medicus. See National Library of Medicine.
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An early Internet database devoted to global coverage of biomedical literature; accessible through MEDSCAPE.
[fr. MEDLARS online]
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A large computer database containing a substantial proportion of the papers produced in the best medical journals over a period of years. Medline contains millions of entries and is accessible free of charge to almost any doctor interested enough to wish to consult it. A search, however, requires special skill if one is not to be inundated with references.
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Internet-based linkage to MEDLARS for rapid provision of medical bibliographies.
[fr. MEDLARS online]
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Q. Can I know something about these meds? My kid aged 3 years with ADHD is obese and suddenly reduced to half the weight when he was given ritalin and now the doctor has prescribed him amphetamine……Can I know something about these meds?

A. Stimulants can increase blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and decrease sleep and appetite, which can lead to malnutrition and its consequences. in your child it might caused loss of weight which is generally good for him but not in the price of malnutrition. tell it to the doc, do a blood test and see if he has malnutrition.

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In research studies that used multiple databases, Embase was the second most popular database after MEDLINE [3].
Headquartered in Mundelein, Ill., Medline offers 350,000+ medical devices and support services through more than 1,200 direct sales representatives who are dedicated points of contact for customers across the continuum of care.
She reportedly lives less than a mile from the Vantage factory and nearly 4 miles from the Medline plant.
As of May 2018, selective deposit is limited to journals indexed in MEDLINE [16, 17, 23].
As baby boomers reach their retirement years, Medline's market is growing exponentially, which is spurring the company and its nonwoven suppliers to respond with innovative and cost-efficient products that will make a difference in their lives.
Medline served for over 15 years in a variety of senior retail leadership roles at Canadian Tire.
Scripps and Medline will be implementing new products and programs during the new agreement extension.
Also shown in the MedLine configuration will be a TB-45 True-Blend gravimetric blender (photo) mounted on a floor stand and equipped with two Access vacuum receivers.
There is only one review of statistical methods used in articles published in Pakistani medical journals.1 This review of six medical journals of Pakistan including three Medline Indexed journals, namely Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA), Journal of Ayub Medical College (JAMC), and Journal of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (JCPSP), for the years 1998 and 2007; reported that out of 299 'original articles' and 'short communication' published in 2007, there were only 7 (2.3%) articles in the Medline indexed journals that used multiple linear regression model, while only 1 (0.6%) out of 177 articles published in the non-indexed journals used this model.
Medline chose it for Libertyville--one of 42 distribution centers the distributor of medical and surgical supplies operates in North America--because it best met the unique order characteristics and volumes required at that location, which services customers in select zip codes of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana.
-- As the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of durable medical equipment and other health care supplies in the United States, Medline Industries Inc.