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(min′ĭm) [L. minimum, least],

m; min

One sixtieth of a fluidram, or 0.06 mL.
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Q. How many minutes a day can I walk. Any help would be great. I’m Lesa 28 yrs old and I’m 14 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy. I like to join in prenatal yoga. When can I join and until what time I should continue it. How many minutes a day can I walk. Any help would be great.

A. yes, agree with both two answers above..

a regular exercise before pregnancy and even during pregnancy are believed to be related with significant reduction in labor pain. besides, by doing regular exercise you can help strengthening your muscles and bones, and also stretch some pelvic muscle that will benefit when the time comes for you to deliver the wonderful baby.

I once wrote an article about water aerobic during pregnancy, you can check it out here :

Q. I got an advice from my fitness instructor that doing exercise for 60 min is good for health. I got an advice from my fitness instructor that doing exercise for 60 min is good for health. Is that right? And What if I don’t have time to exercise 60 minutes a day?

A. The best advice I've heard about exercise is that "you've got the rest of your life to get in perfect shape". Sure, 60 minutes a day would be great, but thinking you have to do 60 minutes a day to get benefit is a bit defeating for most folks. The thing is to start being more active doing things you enjoy and gradually, painlessly, and safely increase your activity until you achieve the fitness level you desire. Far better to take small steps that to bite off so much that you either hurt yourself or are so miserable doing it that you don't continue.

Q. While in a conversation with anyone they have about a minute before I loose tract and intrest, Is this ADHD I always feel like I have to go full speed 24/7 and can never relax, sounds strange I know but it seems to be catching up with me.

A. not necessarily...i see that you are 31. those symptoms are new? if so- thee are other conditions that might cause them. hyperthyroid can get you in that state too. so it might be a good idea to go and get checked up.

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