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Abbreviation for midclavicular line.


, mcL
Symbol for microliter.


A gene on chromosome 12p13.31 that encodes a C-type lectin domain protein which acts as an endocytic receptor. It is thought to be involved in antigen uptake at the site of infection, either clearing the antigen, or processing it and presenting it to T cells.


Median collateral ligament, see there.


, mcl
Abbreviation for microliter
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In the study, three MCL cells treated with wogonin were mainly arrested in the G0/G1 phase [Figure 1]c.
MCL sold six franchises for a combined $90 million (Dh330.
Having the support of my family to make this event a success, my daughter Zarah Shah has now become the face for MCL in the UAE and one of the objectives would also be to get the interest of as many women as possible within the region," he added.
MCL aims to start its inaugural games in February, 2016, and Ambassador Javed Malik wished luck to the organizers.
After sustaining any type of MCL injury, a person may have difficulty bending and straightening the knee.
During a contact sport such as rugby, where tackles from different directions are unavoidable MCL sprains are relatively common.
The surgery will not be to repair the MCL, which a team spokesman said heals naturally with scar tissue, but to repair torn meniscus in both knees.
MCL has commissioned the award-winning, international architects the Rockwell Group to design the common areas throughout 455 CPW
MCL developed 'Hunter', a PC-based system that crossreferences data to identify fraudulent credit applications.
1] The neoplastic cells in an individual case of MCL are most often monotonous and small with irregular nuclear contours.
When I compared them to the numbers in the booklet, I saw that each of the 30 contaminants was below its MCL.