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In October 2017, MAIT filed a settlement agreement with FERC in its formula transmission rate proceeding.
Unlike conventional T cells, which belong to the adaptive arm of the immune response and take a few days before they are fully trained on a single, specific protein fragment or peptide antigen, MAIT and iNKT cells recognize molecular components common to many microbes.
MAIT cells are activated by vitamin B metabolites derived from the metabolism of certain strains of bacteria [17].
The only way to arrest this is to look at ways to increase PC penetration in Indian households," MAIT president Amar Babu told reporters here.
MAIT also urged the government to have a pre-bid meeting with vendors before finalizing the RFP.
CMDP won't replace Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Teams (MAIT), Command Maintenance Evaluation and Training Teams (COMET), or Inspector General (IG) inspections.
This will be an umbrella body for MAIT, ELCIA, IESA etc.
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Sales of personal computers, which include laptops and desktops, are likely to cross 9.35 million units in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011, up from 8.03 million last year, the Manufacturers Association for Information Technology, or MAIT, said in a statement.
An American trade delegation,composed of 8 US companies and headed by the President of the Eastern Trade Board of the US, David Mait,are in the process of discussions with the representatives of the public and private sectors in the Kingdom and members of the Saudi-American Business Council,relating to a number of investment opportunities and a variety of economic activities in the Kingdom.
Twenty-year-old Adel, who blogs under the name 'Mait', spent 110 days in state security investigations forces custody after he was seized on Nov.