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Moexipril as Antihypertensive Drug after Menopause. A study which compared the efficacy and tolerability of an ACE inhibitor—moexipril—and a calcium antagonist—nitrendipine—in postmenopausal women with mild to moderate hypertension
Conclusion Adequte control of blood pressure in 80% of both groups; more adverse effects—headache, flushing, peripheral oedema—in nitredipine than moexipril—cough
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"Madam," he said, "one of these gentlemen is from Scotland Yard, and the others are reporters.
"I am afraid you will find them quite persistent, madam," he said.
"Yes, madam; but circumstances have been against me.
"As for me, madam," replied the gentleman, coldly, "I have need of nothing."
"It is very pretty, madam," said he, gravely examining it; "but I do not think it will wash well; I am afraid it will fray."
"It means, madam, that you yourself, so good, so charming, so sensible, you have laughed sometimes -- smiled, I should say -- at the idle prattle of that good Parry, for whom your royal highness to-day entertains such a marvelous susceptibility."
'My dear madam, brought up, educated, and trained, expressly for that purpose.