M. tuberculosis

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M. tuberculosis,

n the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis, generally a respiratory infection in man; nonrespiratory tuberculosis is considered an indicator disease for AIDS. See also tuberculosis.
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His primary research interests are the molecular epidemiology of M.
When the scientists removed whiB7 from a strain of M.
TB transmission is rampant in crowded shelters and prisons where people weakened by poor nutrition, drug addiction, and alcoholism are exposed to M.
Genotyping has become a powerful tool for confirming epidemiologically linked transmission of M.
Two years ago, Brigitte Gicquel and her colleagues at the Pasteur Institute in Paris became the first researchers to identify a specific gene affecting how infectious M.
In terms of reducing the cumulative number of new infections with M.
A positive skin test indicates that an individual has been exposed to M.
However, he and his colleagues are still not sure how the active form of isoniazid kills M.
Another risk, in the current climate of bioterrorism, is the possible intentional spread of multidrug-resistant M.
Identifying possible families in these array patterns may be important in understanding the evolution and spread of pathogens such as M.