M. tuberculosis

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M. tuberculosis,

n the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis, generally a respiratory infection in man; nonrespiratory tuberculosis is considered an indicator disease for AIDS. See also tuberculosis.
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In the April MOLECULAR CELL, Jacobs and his colleagues identified a gene for an enzyme that modifies long fatty acids that cover the surface of M.
In contrast, the lungs of mice infected with normal M.
This was the first report of a gene that affects persistence" of M.
They are helpless when faced with a bacterium like M.
At that time, workers crowded into filthy, makeshift cities, where M.
Over generations, people of European descent became relatively resistant to M.
The laboratory databases included computerized images of DNA fingerprint patterns from all M.
The following criteria were used to evaluate sites applying through competitive proposals: 1) understand the use of M.
Jacobs and his colleagues spliced the gene encoding lucfferase into avirus-like particle that selectively infects Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), a microbe that is related to M.
Jacobs and his colleagues are now testing whether the approach works in M.
They describe a multispecies epizootic with genotypically identical M.
This potential is especially relevant now because low-incidence states and countries (including the United States) are considering universal implementation of DNA fingerprinting of M.