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FAB classification

French-American-British classification of acute leukemia Hematology A schema that divides acute leukemias into lymphoid–ALL or myeloid–AML cell lines; of childhood ALL, 70% are predominantly L1, 27% are L2, and 3% or less are L3 or Burkitt cell type, in adults with ALL, 30% are L1, 65% are L2, and 5% are L3
FAB classification, acute leukemias
Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)
L1  Small monotonous lymphocytes
L2  Mixed L1- and L3-type lymphocytes
L3  Large homogeneous blast cells
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
M1  Myeloblasts without maturation
M2  Myeloblasts with maturation (best AML prognosis)
M3  Hypergranular promyelocytic leukemia (faggot cells)
M3V  Variant, microgranular promyelocytic leukemia
M4  Myelomonocytic leukocytes
M5  Monocytic, subtype
  a. Poorly differentiated monocytic leukemia
  b. Well differentiated monocytic leukemia
M6  Erythroleukemia/DiGuglielmo syndrome
M7  Megakaryocytic leukemia Pleomorphic undifferentiated cells with cytoplasmic blebs; myelofibrosis or ↑ BM reticulin; positive for platelet peroxidase antifactor VIII
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Acute myelomonocytic leukemia.
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He said that the cost of the project is estimated at Rs 22 billion and it is worth a mention of three sections of the Pindi Bhattian-Multan Motorway (M-4) have already been completed which are fully functional.
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The 240 km M-4 will provide a shorter and direct connection between Southern port cities of Karachi and Gwadar with north of the country.
The M-4 has been divided into four segments the 58km Faisalabad-Gojra section,the 62km Gojra-Shorkot section; the 64km Shorkot-Khanewal section and the 45km Khanewal-Multan section.
ISLAMABAD -- The completion of Faisalabad-Multan Motorway (M-4) will improve Pakistan's vital north-south road network, promote economic growth, create employment opportunities and ensure regional connectivity.