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microfold cells

specialized intestinal epithelial cells found in association with the lymphoid follicles, as in Peyer patches of the ileum; characterized by elaborate invaginations of their apical cell surface that harbor numerous lymphocytes and macrophages; believed to phagocytose antigens and present them to underlying lymphoid cells.
Synonym(s): M cell
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magnocellular cell

A fast conducting neuron of the visual system which is located within the magnocellular layer of the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus, so named because of its large size compared to parvocellular cells. Magnocellular cells are responsible for resolving motion and coarse outlines in the context of visual perception; they receive input from the axons of parasol cells exiting the optic tract and send their information via the optic radiations to the visual cortices, possibly modifying the signal light editing and gating via top-down control.
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M cell

1. A microfold cell, which is a cell in the gastrointestinal epithelium covering patches of lymphoid tissue. M cells transport antigens from the intestinal lumen to the underlying lymphoid tissues for recognition and processing.
2. An APUD cell that produces melanotropin and is found in the pituitary gland.
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