Mönckeberg calcification

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Mön·cke·berg ar·te·ri·o·scle·ro·sis

arterial sclerosis involving the peripheral arteries, especially of the legs of older people, with deposition of calcium in the medial coat (pipestem arteries) but with little or no encroachment on the lumen.
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medial calcific sclerosis

A type of dystrophic calcification in which calcium is deposited in the tunica media of arteries.

Clinical findings
Medial cystic sclerosis is usually asymptomatic, but may be associated with atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Areas affected are “pulseless” due to the calcified encasement; areas beyond the sclerosis have a “bounding” pulse.

Affected medium-sized arteries in the upper and lower limbs have linear calcifications, resulting in a so-called pipestem appearance.
Uncertain; an array of calcium-regulating proteins have been implicated, including osteopontin, osteoprotegerin, matrix GLA protein, fetuin-A, receptor activator of NF-kappa-B, receptor activator of NF-kappa-B ligand and TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand.
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Mönckeberg calcification

(mungk′ĕ-bĕrg, mengk′)
[Johann Georg Möngkeberg, Ger. pathologist, 1877–1925]
Calcium deposition in the media of arteries.
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(Moenckeberg), Johann G., German pathologist, 1877-1925.
Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis - involves the peripheral arteries with deposition of calcium in the medial coat but with little or no encroachment on the lumen. Synonym(s): medial arteriosclerosis; Mönckeberg calcification; Mönckeberg degeneration; Mönckeberg medial calcification; Mönckeberg sclerosis; Mönckeberg syndrome
Mönckeberg calcification - Synonym(s): Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis
Mönckeberg degeneration - Synonym(s): Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis
Mönckeberg medial calcification - Synonym(s): Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis
Mönckeberg sclerosis - Synonym(s): Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis
Mönckeberg syndrome - Synonym(s): Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis
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