lysyl oxidase

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ly·syl ox·i·dase

an enzyme, which requires Cu2+ and O2, that oxidizes certain lysyl residues in collagen to allysyl residues and hydroxylysyl residues to hydroxyallysyl residues; this is a required step for the cross-linking (via aldol condensations and through Amadori rearrangements) of collagen strands; a lower activity of this enzyme is associated with occipital horn syndrome.

Lysyl oxidase

An enzyme required for the crosslinking of elastin and collagen molecules to form properly functioning connective tissue; present in relatively low levels in at least some forms of cutis laxa.
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lysyl oxidase

a copper-containing enzyme responsible for the maintenance of collagen and elastin in tissues; its absence leads to aneurysm formation in and rupture of large blood vessels.
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