lysis of adhesions

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ly·sis of ad·he·sions

(lī'sis ad-hē'zhŭnz)
Surgical division of postinflammatory or postoperative adhesions, particularly abdominal (peritoneal) adhesions.
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Hysteroscopic lysis of adhesions is the gold standard for treatment of intrauterine adhesions.
Raw surfaces from the lysis of adhesions were profusely bleeding, pericardial cavity washed with warm saline and cell saver machine was on standby for use in case of uncontrolled bleeding.
For example, billing for both lysis of adhesions and total abdominal hysterectomy in the same operation has long been denied, as preoperative and postoperative care typically are the same and the intraservice times are not appreciably different.
Prevention of adhesion reformation can be achieved by administering high-dose estrogen therapy postoperatively, by placement of a bladder catheter (size 8 pediatric with a 5 cc balloon) or intrauterine device (IUCD) into the uterine cavity immediately after lysis of adhesions.
Studies have recommended that if a conversion to an open lysis of adhesions is necessary, it should be done sooner rather than later to reduce post-operative morbidity (3).
He underwent exploratory laporatomy with resection of necrotic bowel and lysis of adhesions.
Lysis of adhesions, omental resection, and drainage of multiple loculations of infected fluid was performed.
It was not significantly affected by the performance of an appendectomy, but it was affected by uterine weight and the lysis of adhesions.
Lysis of adhesions on the posterior aspect of the uterus and of the rectosigmoid and excision of an endometriosis implant in the cul-de-sac are performed.
Also, 3% of patients underwent surgical lysis of adhesions within the first year after colectomy; the figures were 14% by year 10 and 17% by year 20.
The patient's past medical history was unremarkable except for abdominal lysis of adhesions and cataract surgery.