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(lĭ-sĕng′kō, -syĕn′kə), Trofim 1898-1976.
Soviet biologist and agronomist known for his mistaken belief in the genetic theory that acquired characteristics can be inherited.
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But Graham's narrative of how far Lysenko took these ideas is confusing.
Previous to joining Contour, Lysenko was the director of worldwide reseller operations at Apple.
Lysenko reported further progress on Tuesday, saying that government forces were now engaged with the rebels in the center of Luhansk.
We caught a Russian military column crossing the border ANDRIY LYSENKO kiev yesterday
Lysenko said that he was hopeful that the Australian Federal Police team could secure the site of the Boeing 777 wreckage and start with their forensic examinations without any obstruction.
Lysenko (2006), though, does advise that children writing poetry is better done using computers, where what they write immediately looks like poetry (and looks like it's publish(ed) or at least publishable).
Vavilov's own personal Lex Luthor was the Ukrainian pseudo-scientist Trofim Lysenko, who argued that genetics was a bourgeois science that aimed to provide a biological justification for class differences.
French athlete Renaud Lavillenie shows his delight at winning his gold medal in pole vault Bahamas Win Gold in Men's x100m Relay Defar Triumphs in 5,000m Women's 1500m Gold Goes to Turkish Athlete Women's Hammer Won by Tatyana Lysenko in Record Throw French pole vaulter, 25-year-old Renaud Lavillenie broke the men's Olympic record to take gold after a keen competition.
The US company will look to buy the stakes from the founders of Darberry, which was converted into Groupon Russia in August last year, the daily said, quoting Viktor Lysenko, a co-founder of Darberry and chief executive of Groupona[euro](tm)s local unit.
DalRAO chief Nikolai Lysenko told the first deputy prime minister and the Primorsky governor about the work carried out at the center on two submarines: "This work is technically complicated.
In the annals of politicized science, Trofim Lysenko provides a supreme example of ignorance and ignominy wedded to power.
5, at the Royal Conservatory of Music's Koerner Hall, he launches a six-CD set of songs by Mykola Lysenko in an event hosted by coach Stuart Hamilton.